Saturday, May 28, 2011

Graduation time!

   Hello to all my bloggie friends out there! Hopefully everyone is having a wonderful day, or has had a wonderful day lol. Here where I live the day is almost over with.
     My daughter graduated from High School today! I am so proud of her, (and I didn't cry...well not much lol). I am finally getting some quiet time. After graduation all the family came over and we had a cook-out. The weather was great and it's nice having every one over and just chit chatting. But, it wears you I am enjoying the peace and quiet right now :)
  Hopefully I will have some pics up soon. I plan on doing a LO of her graduation, but I have a few things on the front burner right now ..still working on the 2  books and I am in a blog hop. The blinkie is posted on the left. I will have some more info on that in a day or two. So stop back by and join us for that. Okay, that is enough about me. I am going to hop on over to your blogs and check them out before I go to bed. Thanks for stopping by.



Jessica said...

Hope you sleep well after a long day!

Jessica said...

Me again...the image on the card you mentioned was cute (the boy on the swing) can be found over at sliekje stamps...there are some really cute ones and they are all free!!!!

Shawnee said...

Congratulations on your daughter's Graduation!! Can't wait for the blog hop. Thank you so much for joining!
Looking forward to seeing what you create.