Sunday, May 1, 2011

Good evening to you:)

    I hope everyone is having an enjoyable week-end. I have been trying to post another LO for my mom's book, but I am having a bit of trouble with my computer :(    I loaded all the pics on my puter and was trying to add them to my post, but I clicked the wrong thing and it wouldn't let me fix it for some reason. (I think it is human error not computer error). So I am using my daughter's computer which doesn't have a camera card port and I thought I would at least make a post and try again later.
     I know that I said I was going to make my mom an 8x8 album.....but, after going to 3 different craft stores Saturday. I found that it was going to cost me more to buy an 8x8 than it was to just go ahead and get a 12x12.  So, I  bought the 12x12 (it was the principle of the thing!!!) I know it will probably end up being more in the long run, since I will be using more paper. I just couldn't make myself pay more for something that was smaller hehe.
     I will try to have the picture up tonight or tomorrow  for the LO that I made today and the re-vamped 8x8's that I made into 12x12's.
     On the bright side :) while shopping I got tape refills for my atg gun for less than 5 bucks!!!! Can you believe that. LOL Michaels had them on sale  and my husband bought one for me with a 40% off coupon and I had a 20% off total purchase coupon so I got 2 boxes for less than 10 dollars. Needless to say, I was a very happy camper when I got through the register and realized they were on sale. :)
    Thanks for stopping by

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