Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A birthday card

Hello to all of my bloggie friends out there. I have another project done. Boy, I am really on the ball this week. I actually got posts up for all 3 days. Usually I am good to get 1 a week. lol ( life has been really  hectic, with family stuff, relay for life  stuff, and general work stuff). Yep STUFF gets in the way all the time hehe. I told my friend the other day that I felt like my brain was going to bust out of my head, because I keep trying to cram too much information into it lol.  Anyway that's enough about my drama lol.  On to my therapy:)   I had actually made this card from the sketch challenge at Peachy keen....but, me trying to hurry and get things done, I missed one small detail that I was supposed to incorporate into this card. A stamped image!!

Oh well :(     I thought it turned out pretty good anyway. My mom really liked it , so that is all that counts.
Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to visit with me.



Jessica said...

Hi Robin.....There's a surprise for you @ my blog!

Donna and Sara said...

Super sweet card. I was also looking around on your blog and loved the layouts! Just darling.
You were so sweet several months back and gave me a blogger award! Wow, I look back and am still so amazed you would think of me. I never posted it though only because I wasnt
sure how it all worked! Talk about a rookie.