Friday, June 17, 2011

OOPS :o)

Okay, so I have been at the hospital for most of the day with my dad. I just now got home and thought I would give a quick look at my blog. Guess what?  My post for today didn't have the picture with it. Yeah I forgot to add it! Boy, I must be on a roll, guess that will teach me to get in a hurry.
  So here is my picture that was supposed to be with my earlier post today and I am going to try to get some rest before going back to the hospital in the morning. Good night all, and thanks for stopping by



Jessica said...

I love this baby carriage from GS. It has to be my all time favorite cut from all the other baby carriages I have seen to date. Hope your dad is doing better!!!! Get some rest. My thoughts and prayers are with you!

Jessica said...

Please stop by my blog...there's a surprise there for you!

Donna and Sara said...

Awesome layout. I have some blog awards for you!