Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Little Boy Blue ....

 Hello to all my wonderful bloggie friends out there. I am sorry that I have gotten a late start to my "Nursery Rhyme Cartridge" week. Dad went throught the surgery well, and now we just have a month of therapy to go through. Then he can come home.
   So hopefully I can try to catch back up on my blog and my poor house!! And, on that note I will show you my first LO ....
I really like the NR cartridge and don't use it quite as much as I should. It has a great font on it and I really like the cuts and sayings  too. I printed the nursery rhyme from my computer and added it to it. This is one of the books that I was making and thought it would be nice if they could use it to read to the baby, then add pics of him.  That way it doubles as a scrapbook and a nursery rhyme book. (I like getting my money's worth out of something lol)

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Jessica said...

So glad you are getting your LOs done...:O)
They are super fabulous Robin. How's everything???