Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Another 8x8 layout

 Hello everyone. I hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday:) It is dreary here, but it isn't cold...so I am not going to complain. I am soooo over the cold weather.
   For today I have another 8x8 layout to share. I am making my mom an album filled with pictures of her and all of the grandkids as part of her birthday present. Which means I will be sharing quite a few 8x8 layouts with you this week and next week.
   My niece is the little baby and the 5 year old "hamming it up" for the camera is my oldest daughter.
I had some paper from  Nana's nursery stack that had the saying "onesies and blankets and diapers, oh my" and I thought it would be fitting on this page with mom changing Lauren's diaper. The whole page had that on it , but I thought that just the scallop on the top would look good. So I cut it out with the curve of the clothes line.
    The base paper had some flowers with leaves and stems scrolled around on it. I used some silk flowers in place of the printed ones and used glossy accents to outline the stems. Not really sure if you can see that well or not. It is my first time using the glossy accents.
   Thanks for stopping by
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