Tuesday, March 20, 2012


   Hello to everyone and a good Tuesday evening to ya! Boy oh boy have I had a week lol. In addition to mom's chemo and shots they have added some therapy so I have been pretty busy , then I figured for the weekend I would have a little time to myself.
   Well..... I did. Got to go to the craft store yeah! Then out to eat BOOOOOOO!! I ended up with food poisoning. Not fun at all!!   Let me just say OH MY GOODNESS. It was the most horrible thing... but, on the bright side I did end up getting some goodies before I got sick hehe.  So be looking for some things with my new little goodies. (I just LOVE the craft store lol).
    Okay, I will let you get back to your surfing around now lol. Thanks for stopping by and listening :D


Yoshira aka cricutalltime said...

wow that sucks.Hope that is out of your system by now.Hope your mom is feeling better.Congrats on your new goodies.Cant wait to see what you create.Praying for you and family.

Norma said...

Hi Robin:) I was stopping to say Hi:) OMG so sorry to hear about your food poisoning and my prayers for your mom's with her Chemo. BTW I love your explosion box it's awesome!!